"I write so that my handful of pebbles, cast into still waters, will create a ripple."


“The writer is an expressive and thoughtful storyteller, creating a vivid and loving portrait of a life well-lived. You want to know this woman for her differences, and yet you feel sure she is the true you.”
   ―Judy Sullivan, www.sizewise.com 

“…delightfully engaging and lush...peppered with metaphors and the jugo de palabra (play on words) that keeps the story light as meringue.”
  ―Anita Crocus, author, Seattle

“Anne is no ordinary tourist.…marvelous wit, succulent memory and a tinge of magic…an extraordinary moveable feast where the truffles of life are but the hors d’ oeuvres.”
―Arletta Dawdy, author, The Huachuca Trilogy

“Anne takes readers along for a delightful journey filled with life and love.”
  ―Pam McCully, Lynx Eye Literary Magazine

“…shares emotion and thoughts that reveal the inner essence of a women’s experiences. This is a book any woman would love to read. A wake up call to women. Let life be enjoyed. Let us be who God has called us to be.”
  ―Joy Bergquist, nurse, Cambria

“…intriguing and I loved it. I can relate to much of what you wrote! As for the writing style and images―GREAT JOB! I loved it, truly. And as a woman, I can really relate. I loved what and how you wrote. EXCELLENT!
  ―Pamela Cosel, publisher, Colorado

“Her stories gleam with fertility and love–of her own womanly body, of her husband and children, of her lust and life. Joy and humor spring forth in tales of hunting and hiking, chocolate and sex. From her budding breasts to her imagined deathbed scene, her writing brings beauty and candor to the page. There is no “ordinary” here at all.”
  ―Julie Weston, attorney, Idaho

“Anne Schroeder’s Aphrodite is not as ordinary as she thinks. Here is a seemingly everyday woman in search of herself and the complex mysteries that surround the human heart and female body. Anne manages to lift heavy topics into playful lightness and infuses the simplest experiences with deep reverence. She delves into the labyrinth of what it means to be a complete woman with great respect for both love and lust. With a sensual, smooth style full of delicious descriptions (she) gives us a compelling and memorable read.”
―Laurie Wagner Buyer, Author of Across the High Divide, winner of the 2007 Spur Award in Poetry

“Reading Anne Schroeder is like sitting across the table from her. Her prose is colorful and conversational; her memories are honest and hilarious. She looks back on her life with the self-acceptance and clarity of a wise woman, and, gratefully, has chosen to share her memories with us.”
  ―Kathleen Deragon, Editor, Women’s Press of San Luis Obispo County, California                                                                                             

“Bold, playful, exciting…a collection of short writing about the delightful goddess creature within every woman. Rediscover your own feminine gifts as Anne Schroeder relates her adventurous journey of a woman’s life lived fully, honestly, totally with eyes and heart wide open. This book will make you wiggle your hips when you walk. Have fun, read this book!”
―Penny Sidoli, member Women Writing the West

“A rich review of life’s joys and trials and an homage to the universal struggles and delights of womanhood. Schroeder extracts peace from a complex labyrinth of memories and motivations and draws light from a deeply-felt journey to illuminate a gentler path ahead.”
―Sherry Heber, California

"Anne writes with a deep tenderness towards all aspects of being goddess, being human. Her words contain a passion for mining rich veins of truth hidden within us all. Her love of life is evident; Aphrodite would be proud."
―Katherine Shirek Doughtie, author of Aphrodite in Jeans: Adventure Tales about Men, Midlife and Motherhood

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