"I write so that my handful of pebbles, cast into still waters, will create a ripple."

Sunday, November 11, 2012

35 Rules for Living a Happy, Spiritual Life

Here’s something to reflect on as we move into a new season.  

  1. Do you have a generous countenance or do you hoard?
  2. Do you let go or must you always control?
  3. Are you courageous or too scared to go forward?
  4. Do you hope or do you despair?
  5. Do you recognize the abundance in life or do you see only the scarcity?
  6. Do you put your trust in Jesus or in politicians?
  7. Do you love or live in fear?
  8. Do you take time to notice things or are you always in too big of a hurry to care?
  9. Do you love people or are things your treasure?
  10. Do you look people in the eye or stare at the ground as you pass?
  11. Do you celebrate life or its total misery?
  12. So you see life as a great adventure or is it all about fate?
  13. Do you know God or just know about God?
  14. Do you go the extra mile or skip corners when nobody is looking?
  15. Do you say “yes” to people and then “no” later?
  16. Do you give whenever you can or withdraw on false excuses?
  17. Do you trust or are you suspicious of others motives?
  18. Are you humble when you make a mistake or do you get defensive?
  19. Do you stand for the truth even when it’s unpopular or do you cower to peer pressure?
  20. Do you seek forgiveness when you are guilty of serious wrong or do you shrug it off?
  21. Can you laugh at yourself or are you always serious?
  22. Do you bless the stranger you encounter or avoid them in fear?
  23. Do you listen to God or just yourself?
  24. Do you give with no expectations or with strings attached?
  25. Do you speak well of others or spread gossip that destroys?
  26. Do you praise God in all things or always complain to him?
  27. So you strive to do heroic things or do you frequently play the victim?
  28. Do you use you power in order to give it away or use it to subdue others?
  29. Do you seek solutions or must you be right and others be wrong?
  30. Do you treat others with the dignity they deserve or do you mistreat them?
  31. Are you living your life to the fullest or are you afraid inside?
  32. Do your actions demonstrate that you value and respect the dignity of life or do you put your personal desires ahead of the most vulnerable?
  33. Do you know that God has won the war or are you overcome by battles?
  34. Do you know God’s forgiveness or feel that your sin could never be forgiven?
  35. Do you know how gifted you are or are you always self-critical?

Borrowed from my priest’s sermon this morning. Thank you Fr. Bill Holtzinger, St. Anne Parish, Grants Pass, OR